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By getting information from people who died, went to the spirit world, and came back, I can tell you quite a bit about what itís like. First let me tell you what the spirit world is. It is a really large place where we go after we leave this life. You will find everything there that we need to go on living. We are made up of two parts, our physical body and our spirit body. When we die the physical body is separated from the spirit body. The spirit goes on living. It cannot die. Someday the two bodies will be brought back together, and will stay together forever. This is called the resurrection. We can never die again. Our bodies will be perfect.

The spirit world is a beautiful place. As I said it is a big place. There are divisions in it, and we will go to the part of it that we have earned, by how good we have lived here on earth. God creates kingdoms where we will eventually go, but from when we die until we go to a kingdom, we will live in the spirit world. The Bible calls it Paradise.

When we die our spirit continues to live. That is the real ďyouĒ. Some people donít even realize they have died, for a while. It all happens so naturally. Sometimes it is such a shock that we need to rest, before we go on. There are places where you can rest for as long as you want. In the Book of Alma 40:12 it says, ďAnd then shall it come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow". How wonderful that will be!

Okay, now, what is the spirit world like? It has beautiful walkways, beautiful trees, beautiful lawns and flowers. There are flowers of many colors. Colors we have never seen before. It has beautiful lakes and streams, and landscapes. All these things are much more beautiful than any thing you have ever seen on earth. These things are alive, and when you walk near the flowers you can hear beautiful music coming from them. You will find lots of beautiful music, beautiful colored lights, and other amazing things. Everything is so pleasant there.

There are beautiful homes, gardens, and buildings, and cities. There is a very pleasant country outside the cities. There are buildings for many different purposes, libraries, museums, music libraries, concert halls, and lots of other places. The homes are very nice, and some even look a little like homes here, but are better.

Now letís talk about the environment. It never rains or snows. The weather is always perfect. The temperature is warm and pleasant, and never changes. Every thing is lit up with a pleasant light, which is everywhere, so there are no shadows. It is always daytime. There is no night. You will never need to eat or sleep, although you can, if you want to. You never get tired, you cannot get hurt, or you never get hungry. Everything seems to take care of itself. You can do what you want, with plenty of things to do, places to go, and occupations, if you want them.

You can talk with people like we do here, but it isnít necessary, because when you are near someone, you can read their mind just enough to know what they want to say to you. They donít have to speak. You can answer them in the same way, with your thoughts. Evidently the mind and the brain are very important parts of your spirit body. You can communicate with your mind, and also travel instantly from place to place. All you have to do is think where you want to go, and suddenly you are there. There are so many people there, and they are all very pleasant, and want to help you.

The part of the spirit world Iíve been talking about is where a lot of people will go. It is where the good people go. However if you have lived a bad life, been unkind to your fellow men, or have been right down evil, there is a less pleasant place awaiting you. There is a part of the spirit world that is more drab, with no flowers, lawns, and trees. or lakes, etc. The homes there are hovels, shacks, unpleasant houses, and it is darker there with less light. It is not a very pleasant place. The people who go there can improve, if they want to, but it is entirely up to them. They have to decide if they want to live better, then someone will help them.

On the other hand there is an even better part of the spirit world, better than the pleasant one Iíve told you about. It is even brighter and more glorious, with even more beautiful homes, larger and prettier gardens, and extremely pleasant surroundings. This is where people go who have lived extra good lives. There are lots of people there, who are very pleasant to talk with and are so willing to help you with anything you need. To those who have lived a good life here it will be a very pleasant place to live.

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