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How To Make A Book About Yourself You Will Enjoy For Years!

By Ronald Jensen © Ronald Jensen. All rights reserved.

It will be easy to make a very interesting and attractive book about yourself. Don’t make it complicated, because it isn’t hard to do. One of the easiest ways to do it will be to get a nice 3 ring loose leaf binder, in a color you like. It’s better to get a one inch thick one. It makes it easier to hold when looking at it. Get some lined loose leaf paper, either wide ruled or college ruled (lines are closer together), whichever you prefer. Get the paper size 8”x 10 ˝”.

On the first page you can put the title of your book. Print it with a marker pen. Some examples are: “The Story of Joe”, or “The Story of Ann”. On each page put a different event of your life. Example: On the first page print Joe Brown born July 17, 1979 at Deweyville, Iowa. Put a picture of you on the first page, also.

Each event of your life can be on a different page. To make the book more interesting, put a picture of the event on the page. Using stick glue is an easy way to paste them in. If you can draw good pictures, or know someone who is a good artist, you can put one, or more of the pictures on the page. You can also get pictures from magazines, or print pictures from the internet. The internet pictures can be punched with a 3 hole punch and put directly into the book. For instance you can use a picture of a church, for something that happened there. It may not be your own church building, but that’s okay.

Use your imagination to come up with other things to put on your pages, to make them interesting. Print out more details about what happened that day, if you want to. You have a whole page to use, and more pages can be added, if necessary.

Make the book in chronological order (in the order that things happened, by date). In the front and back of the book put a sheet of heavy paper or light cardboard, to hold the pages easier. As you go through the book, print the next events in your life on the pages that follow, up to the present time.

You can enjoy looking through it, adding or subtracting from it, continually improving it. It will be fun to look at, and to show to your friends! You can make a book about your life using a notebook, instead of a loose leaf book. There is a problem here. You cannot insert, nor remove pages, as in a loose leaf. Try to make your book colorful, full of information, lots of pictures, and as interesting as you can. You will get enjoyment from it now, and for many years to come!

Now you can make a book about yourself very easily! A very simple way to write your own story of your life, using easy to get materials, and enjoy it for years to come!

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